Dealing with SPAM Leads

SPAM leads from website forms are becoming more of a constant nuisance for our dealers.  reCAPTCHA has been added to some forms to thwart automated bots, but there’s more that needs to be done because the SPAM leads have continued even where that has been added.


On June 27th, 2019, we released a new version of the Control Panel that now allows you to flag a lead as SPAM.  When you do that, it will remove the lead from your Contact Inbox, Contact Search, and Recent Activities. It removes the activity only, not the contact, so if you have a contact with multiple activities, it will need to be done for each.  It does not yet remove the leads from the Reporting menu options, but we will be adding that feature soon.  


We are collecting the data from all leads marked as SPAM and will be programming a tool to start automatically flagging leads as SPAM based on suspicious comments, bad email addresses, or other behavioral flags.  We expect to release this next phase within the next few weeks. We will continue to refine this tool as more data is available from dealers marking leads as SPAM.  


Once a lead is marked as SPAM, either by you or later by the system, you have the ability to review those leads and pull them back to active leads if they are legitimate.  


If the leads have exported to your CRM or have been sent to your email prior to being marked as SPAM, you will need to manage them there as well.  Marking them as SPAM in the Control Panel will not update your CRM tool or pull back an email. We will be working on a way for email-only users to respond that a lead is SPAM and have it flag in the Control Panel.  We expect to release that feature within the next several weeks as well. As the tool we’re creating gets better, more should be flagged as SPAM sooner and will prevent those leads from going to your CRM or being forwarded via email if that flagging is done ahead of the Lead Export.


Here’s a short video showing how the tool works:  Dealing with SPAM Leads – Phase 1


Only Control Panel users with the Contact Admin role will be able to perform this function.  If you do not have access, please work with your Contact Admin to flag leads as SPAM or request that role to be added to your user profile.  Your Client Success Specialist is available to assist as needed.

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