E-mail Server Upgrade and TLS 1.2

What is TLS?
TLS stands for Transport Security Layer. It is what allows communication on the internet to remain secure and encrypted. TLS is required in order to send emails in many cases and many major companies will refuse emails that are not encrypted by some form of TLS. Recently, TLS version 1.1 and earlier versions started being deprecated and are no longer supported by banks and many other businesses. We recently upgraded our email server to a newer software that has TLS Version 1.2 to allow dealers to communicate effectively with the latest version.

What this means for you?
If you use our email hosting platform, emails will be encrypted using TLS 1.2 whether they are sent from our system or from your email. You do not need to do anything on your end.  If you do not use our email hosting platform, only the system-generated email portion applies to you.  This TLS upgrade includes several required security changes that make your data safer behind the scenes.

Are there any major changes?
There are some increased security precautions that had to be put into place by the software in order to keep this version as secure as possible and meet TLS requirements. One noticeable change is that passwords are no longer visible to admins. Impersonation of users is no longer possible on your end for similar security reasons. There is an option to go through a forgot password process if needed.  Keep an eye out for a future learn article on managing uses in SmarterMail.

Will we need to go through this again?
Yes, but not in the immediate future.  Email software version and security upgrades will be required as the data security landscape continues to evolve.  Even now, TLS Version 1.3 is in active development and will be required in the future and will necessitate another upgrade to our email server.  We will do our best to provide advance notice of future expected changes.

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