CP Essentials: URL Redirects

You no longer have to put in a request for your Account Manager to set up redirect rules for outdated pages!

iCommand Center now allows you to set up your own webpage redirect rules, with the URL Redirects feature.

URL Redirects are handy when you need to let customers and search engines know that a product or a page is no longer available on your website. This could be product pages from products that you no longer carry, outdated sales special pages that are no longer being used, and more.

You can even redirect pages between multiple websites you have on iCommand Center.

Search engines index webpages to help their clients search them faster. Pointing to a page that does not exist any longer cancels the search index entry and lowers your search engine “score”. But with URL Redirects, the search engine updates its index to the new location automatically, and raises your ranking because you’re updating the site!

Customers also can update bookmarks automatically from redirect rules on most browsers, which is certainly smoother than a 404 Error.

Follow along with John as he shows you how to make URL Redirects happen from within the iCommand Center.

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