CP Essentials: Slideshow

Our CP Essentials series continues onward with a look into the Slideshow, aka ImageRotator. Follow Mike as he takes you through Control Panel setup and strategy for the Slideshow (ImageRotator). You’ll learn how to standardize your image sizes, where to … Continued

CP Essentials: Deal of the Week

With US Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) fast approaching, we thought it would be timely for CP Essentials to introduce a feature you could use to set up a doorbuster: the Deal of the Week. In this clip, Mike shows you … Continued

CP Essentials: Featured RVs

Put your Featured RVs front and center, with this comprehensive walkthrough from Interact RV’s CP Essentials. Let Mike introduce you to the full control set for this feature, including where to set and get inventory data for the units you … Continued

CP Essentials: Header, Footer, and Nav

Our journey through CP Essentials continues with our latest topic: Header, Footer, and Nav (navigation). These elements are common throughout your website, and give your customer options┬áthat they can exercise from anywhere on it. You’ll also get an introduction/refresher on … Continued