CP Essentials: Listing Pages

Our next CP Essentials article talks about Listing Pages, Control Panel’s standard template for listing one or more units on a single, bookmarkable web page. Combined with a Filtered Search, you can get creative with the Listing Pages you design along … Continued

CP Essentials: Filtered Search

Our next CP Essentials article details a feature for your listing pages that provides power and versatility to you and your customers: the Filtered Search tool. As you’ve seen on many sites that sell goods and services, an effective Filtered … Continued

CP Essentials: Page Elements and SEO

Interact RV is bringing a fresh perspective to the Learn Center this year, and in our first effort to make Learn Center work better for you, we proudly present CP Essentials. CP Essentials is a series of articles we’re introducing to the Learn … Continued

Add or Update User in Control Panel

Go to Control Panel>Settings>Users To add a new user: Click on Add a User Enter their information Click Save Click on Permissions and set the needed permissions Clicks Save To update a user: Click on their name Click on Permissions and … Continued

E-mail Server Upgrade and TLS 1.2

What is TLS? TLS stands for Transport Security Layer. It is what allows communication on the internet to remain secure and encrypted. TLS is required in order to send emails in many cases and many major companies will refuse emails … Continued

Schema… Just the Facts Please

Lately, much has been said about Schema, both fact and fiction. Some purveyors have gone as far as claiming it to be the ‘silver bullet’, the end-all-be-all to organic search engine optimization. Just add Schema to your site and watch … Continued

Dealing with SPAM Leads

SPAM leads from website forms are becoming more of a constant nuisance for our dealers.  reCAPTCHA has been added to some forms to thwart automated bots, but there’s more that needs to be done because the SPAM leads have continued … Continued