Pro Services: ROI Spy Call Tracking

The Interact RV Learn Center is proud to introduce a new category to help you get the most out of iCommand Center: Pro Services.

Pro Services will show you into the core functionality of each feature, and how it could help you. You’ll always be able to discuss Pro Services with your Account Manager, and as you do, our hope is that you can be confident in your understanding of the services you are interested in.

We start with one of the most valuable tools in our Pro Services category: ROI Spy Call Tracking. Enjoy!

How do you measure the buzz that your marketing efforts generate? Can you set up a staff and a phone number to perform analytics for each marketing effort? Or like almost everybody, do you only have one staff for all of the marketing efforts, and they would keep track, manually?

Most of us would say, ideally, it’s better to set up a phone number for each marketing effort/event, and use an automated service to count the number and duration of calls and record them for playback, on each of those numbers. Sound good?

Well, now you can, with our Pro Service: ROI Spy Call Tracking technology. Purchase call tracking phone numbers and then forward them to your call takers, save the manual effort, and get better analytics with the power of technology.

Join us inside the video to understand the basics of call tracking, and how it can help you better target your marketing.

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