2 Factor Authentication Setup Guide

Ignite Two-Factor Authentication Setup  FTC/GLBA regulations require two-factor authentication (2FA) setup in order to access the Ignite Command Center (iCC). Please follow these basic steps to setup your 2FA:  Users can set up multiple authenticators via desktop and smartphone to … Continued

Pro Services: ROI Spy Call Tracking

The Interact RV Learn Center is proud to introduce a new category to help you get the most out of iCommand Center: Pro Services. Pro Services will show you into the core functionality of each feature, and how it could … Continued

New Feature: Shop By Payment

If you’ve enabled Payments and Finance Terms on your Control Panel website, you can now add Monthly Payment to the Filtered Search on your listing pages. This will help your customers to use their comfort level with payment amount on the website alongside their other search … Continued

CP Essentials: URL Redirects

You no longer have to put in a request for your Account Manager to set up redirect rules for outdated pages! iCommand Center now allows you to set up your own webpage redirect rules, with the URL Redirects feature. URL … Continued

CP Essentials: Client Style Sheet

If you have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, you can make changes to your CP website to help customize the look of it with the help of the Client Style Sheet feature on the Control Panel. Our next … Continued

CP Essentials: Library Pages

In this episode of CP Essentials, we’ll take a deep dive into Library Pages, the standard resource for the brands and manufacturers you carry. A Library Page for a unit takes into account the model data, regardless of inventory. It’s … Continued

CP Essentials: Using About to Improve SEO

When you think about how your shoppers would find you on the Web, what comes to mind? Join Mike for a brief CP Essentials about… About, and how you can use it to help your customers find you online.

CP Essentials: Brand/Manufacturer Logos

In this episode, CP Essentials brings you a look at the Brands and Manufacturers section of your CP Website Home Page. Join Mike to learn how to set up this section, so you can help promote your inventory and the … Continued

CP Essentials: How to Add a Unit Promotion

Our next article in the CP Essentials series takes you back to the Slideshow to add a Unit Promotion to your unit’s slide deck. Follow Mike as he shows you how to make a promo slide on the Slideshow for … Continued

CP Essentials: Get Lowest Price

Our CP Essentials series continues with a look at the Get Lowest Price features (GLP, and GLP Force) available to units you designate. There are two ways to attach a “Get Lowest Price” feature to a designated Unit: GLP reveals … Continued